A bike ride beyond borders

A bike ride lets you watch the world go by at a perfect pace. Starting off in Passau, Germany, our tour takes us along the Inn river to the beautiful countryside of Austria. On our way to Wernstein you can enjoy the beauty of the natural Inn river flanked by meadows and little forrests. Having arrived in Wernstein, you will have the chance to take a nice shot of Neuburg Castle. After a short stop we will continue. Afterwards we are changing riversides back into Germany. Our tour will take you beyond borders, from Germany to Austria and back again. This gives us the chance to show you two countries and neighbours growing togehter.

The price includes high-quality e-bikes.


  • Starting point: rivers Hotel & Living, Passau
  • Across the Inn river into Austria
  • After 1 h arrival in Wernstein ( perfect view on an medival castle ); option for a short stop to enjoy the gorgeous countryside
  • Back into Germany and 1 h back to Passau
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